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Global Forum Resources (GFR) specializes in developing high-level programs that provide strong visibility, international recognition and unique networking opportunities to clients who want to shape the debate about criticial issues facing the world today.

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Create agenda

We work closely with our clients to help them develop a cutting-edge agenda in their particular area of interest that involves top actors and major stakeholders that we help mobilize

Mobilize speakers

We plan events that can range from small roundtables with one or two keynote speakers to international conferences that mobilize large number of speakers across several days of programming

Position strategically

Our programs are carefully designed to give our clients the opportunity to drive the debate and push forward issues that are of strategic importance to their line of business

Negotiate participation

We have speaker bureau experience and we can negotiate the best conditions for the participation of internationally recognized speakers

Event planning

We also can work on logistical aspects of your event development providing you registration services, a dedicated website, a strong branding with computer assisted publications, hotel reservations, invitations to your attendees

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Over 25 years experience

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15 Boulevard Henri IV

75004 Paris, FRANCE